Support San Diego County Board of Supervisors Biodiversity Resolution

San Diego biodiversity includes the endangered Hermes copper butterfly that lives in just San Diego County and northern Baja California.

Can you spare a few minutes to support protection of San Diego County’s special nature?

Next Wednesday, November 16th 2022, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors will consider a Biodiversity Resolution to enshrine a vision and goals for the protection of our important local native habitats and ecosystems and we need to demonstrate to the entire Board popular support for this issue. Our goal is to show overwhelming support by getting 100 people to submit e-comments in support of the resolutionMake an e-comment here (on Item 6). Or sign up to speak during public comment here. 

San Diego County is a globally important biodiversity hotspot, with more animal and plant species than almost any other county in the continental United States. Climate change, wildfires, and habitat fragmentation from development are threatening San Diego’s ecosystems. It is imperative we protect our habitats and ecosystems for future generations to come.